Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So its been a little while....

that is a fact.

i will be making a married life blog

two things have recently changed my life and they have nothing to do with nuptials

1. Netflix

-quite possibly the most ingenious thing ever. Not only can I watch the 6 movies a week that I must for class, but I also am interduced to many movies I never knew existed. very cool.

Pretend thats me with all the DVDs

2. the white iphone 16GB

seriously, its like having your own little computer

I shamelessly didn't change the message that constitutes that my email was sent from my iphone. I listen to Pandora with bliss as I walk 20 min to class. I admire it's tilting and touch screen interface as I play tap tap revelution with is guitar hero for hte iphone, its even two player. I love its simple camera and the fact that it can tell me the weather and where to go when I drive. I love that texts are continueous and show up as speech bubbles. I love the way people gasp when I pull it out and how I can watch every designers fashion show within the past year. (guiltly pleasure, watching the style channel from 11pm till 430 am where all they show is fashion shows set to music, priceless!) I love the millions of free apps and my ap news feed. I also have become a fan of video podcasts. I cannot tell you the thrill I feel each Sunday night when i check the AP sports poll to see that BYU is climbing (current at spot 11)
Back off world, I have know have super powers

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Wedding deats

Hey guys!!

so here is a super cool site to check out when you are bored, it is called...


just do it




do it now






for those of you coming in to town, I plan on making Thursday a festivities day and the bridal shower is that night, so if you can get there it will be awesome!

I'm thinkin Rockies game, Water World or Elitches, you guys decide

Love ya!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What goes around.....

My lucky/ unlucky day: Saturday May 24th

So I get woken up at the butt crack of dawn to help my sister move.
We start the day off with a nutricious breakfast at Mickey D's. Well, this was no ordinary trip to the big arches, this McDonalds had a gas stateion inside, or other way around , whatever. Anyways, I make that comment that I still hadn't ever bought a scratch card even though I was legal to do so. So with that, my Daddy-o pulls out a crisp $1 bill and tells me to go pick one. I pick carefully, and present my dollar. I don't even get carded which in turn loses half it's thrill, but it was a good thing as I had no idea on me. I begin scratching to find that I am the winner of a $2 jackpot.

I turn my glorious proof in and am asked if I want two more cards or to cash out. I cash out as we are about to leave, and she tells me I made a good choice. I triumphantly give my Dad back his dollar and show off my $1 profit. The odds were heavily against me but I triumphed.

Scratchcards, you made a believer out of me.

Anyways, after a long hard day of moving, we go to lunch were I find a dollar bill on the parking lot ground. Jackpot!!!

then I go to the Happy Sump to become an unhappy sumo to find I must work on my day of birth.
Karma. It'll bite you in the butt every time.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the promised messiah

so really this is the blog that I said that I would write when I had a funny thought over a month ago.

The lovely akwardness of standing in the lines at the BYU bookstore. Let's analize this:

Setting: the bookstore horendously long lines
  • the setting alone makes this incredibly akward: your in a long line that you don't want to be in, in the first place. Second, it's in the bookstore which is basically an invitation for zoobies, and missionaries that are quite off their missions, alike to frolick about, trying to get your number.

Time: the very beginning or very end of each and every semester

  • Neither of these times is a time where you want to be thinking about school, or about how much money you have spent, or how much you are not going to get.


  • Yourself, and of course that person that you know, but not all that well:
  • a. the person from freshman year whose name you do not remember
  • b. that person from that class that you don't remember but they remember you
  • c. that person you used to work with but have not talked to since you/ they quit
  • d. the person that you used to be really good friends with, but no longer talk
  • e. that person you know you should say hi to, but you don't really have anything to say.
  • f. That person you haven't seen in awhile and actually want to have a conversation with

so here inlies the problem:

Situation: Weaving through the line partitioners and seeing that person mentioned above. Not only once, but twice, three times, and that final send off before you get to the register.

  • Needless to say, it is very akward to either come up with a conversation every time you see them, or try and maintain a conversation that you actually want to have. This only adds to the distress that I always feel walking up those stairs into the bookstore. No one can claim that their heart doesn't start dancing the two step and you lug yourself through the line praying for:
  • a. avoidance for the line passing aquaintance
  • b. a money amount that brings a smile
  • c. or at the very least, avoiding enemies or the really annoying people

unless seeing said enemy is comical in the fact that they are now scared of you

look out blogging world, I am back!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Ironies of Life

So it turns out that life is full of things that you kept help but think, wait, what? This ever looming thought is usually at the fault of traditions that don't make sense...or people trying to make new ones, case in point:
  • midterms- this term is used to mean the mid semester or year evaluation of what has been learned. We now have multiple midterms, sometimes three or four. In fact when you get the syllabus that says midterm 3, it kinda makes you wonder. Also, fellow students like to say, "aw I have a midterm to study for" This could mean a) a test in a class. b) a quiz that sometimes is a frequent as biweekly. c) an assignment. But rarely is it ever used in reference to an actual midterm
  • family home evening- a time every week when families come together to learn and have fun together. This one is actually legit except for in a singles ward...when no one has family around
  • your wedding- suposesively the union between you and your lover and the celebrations there after. These celebrations are to be unique, personal and all the bride ever wanted as it only is suppose to happen once. Instead I get a combined wedding with my older sister, a mother and mother-in-law that will not budge on any of their ideas, a sister and a mother that are planning every detail without you, and every idea or wanted immeadiately discounted.

Oh the little things that drive you up a wall. Gonna quit my job and move to New York, 'Cause somebody told me that's where Dreamers should go... Listen up now honey, you're gonna be sorry, Can't get out from under a sky that is falling

Monday, June 18, 2007

The realizations you never wanted to know

Don't you hate it when there comes a time when you have to be adult. You have to make the tough choices that you never wanted too, but the ones you have too.
~Deciding between fun play internship or decating towards school and your major. and with that, you might have to give up running a marathon this year
~Realizing that when you told her that no you didn't want to be friends any more, you really had good reason, and the fact that she continues to lie up until this day, is not giving her a break
~ Realizing that all the stuff you wanted to say, you just can't because frankly, your tired of fighting and just want to be 'us' again.
~Realizing that no matter what you do or say.... isnt gonna raise you up in his eyes, unless you do something drastic, like say go out with his bestfriend....hmm interesting thought
~Finding out that you really are to good to date certain people, their scum and you cant afford to lose your self respect
~Knowing that you have the hardest time doing things for yourself, and those self improvement goals, just never really seem to be reached.
~The paper cuts that lovers left the cofees never strong enough i know you think its more than just bad luck,
baby, baby, its just textbook stuff. its in the abcs of growing up.