Monday, June 30, 2008

The Wedding deats

Hey guys!!

so here is a super cool site to check out when you are bored, it is called...

just do it




do it now






for those of you coming in to town, I plan on making Thursday a festivities day and the bridal shower is that night, so if you can get there it will be awesome!

I'm thinkin Rockies game, Water World or Elitches, you guys decide

Love ya!!!


Keith said...

Crystal! I'm sorry - i'm just noticing your message! address is 22720 Rio Bueno Ct, Valencia CA, 91354! hope to receive an invitation!

Kaitlin said...

wooo...i love your pic that is way cute of you and scott but my week with colin was amazing and totally nessary cause i was going crazy without him anyways my address is
1995 River Forest Dr.
Marietta, GA 30068
im sooo excited for you and scott..yeay.....hope everything is going well for you

hannahshirley said...

I cannot wait to see you.
And the site & invitation are just precious.