Monday, June 18, 2007

The realizations you never wanted to know

Don't you hate it when there comes a time when you have to be adult. You have to make the tough choices that you never wanted too, but the ones you have too.
~Deciding between fun play internship or decating towards school and your major. and with that, you might have to give up running a marathon this year
~Realizing that when you told her that no you didn't want to be friends any more, you really had good reason, and the fact that she continues to lie up until this day, is not giving her a break
~ Realizing that all the stuff you wanted to say, you just can't because frankly, your tired of fighting and just want to be 'us' again.
~Realizing that no matter what you do or say.... isnt gonna raise you up in his eyes, unless you do something drastic, like say go out with his bestfriend....hmm interesting thought
~Finding out that you really are to good to date certain people, their scum and you cant afford to lose your self respect
~Knowing that you have the hardest time doing things for yourself, and those self improvement goals, just never really seem to be reached.
~The paper cuts that lovers left the cofees never strong enough i know you think its more than just bad luck,
baby, baby, its just textbook stuff. its in the abcs of growing up.

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