Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So its been a little while....

that is a fact.

i will be making a married life blog

two things have recently changed my life and they have nothing to do with nuptials

1. Netflix

-quite possibly the most ingenious thing ever. Not only can I watch the 6 movies a week that I must for class, but I also am interduced to many movies I never knew existed. very cool.

Pretend thats me with all the DVDs

2. the white iphone 16GB

seriously, its like having your own little computer

I shamelessly didn't change the message that constitutes that my email was sent from my iphone. I listen to Pandora with bliss as I walk 20 min to class. I admire it's tilting and touch screen interface as I play tap tap revelution with is guitar hero for hte iphone, its even two player. I love its simple camera and the fact that it can tell me the weather and where to go when I drive. I love that texts are continueous and show up as speech bubbles. I love the way people gasp when I pull it out and how I can watch every designers fashion show within the past year. (guiltly pleasure, watching the style channel from 11pm till 430 am where all they show is fashion shows set to music, priceless!) I love the millions of free apps and my ap news feed. I also have become a fan of video podcasts. I cannot tell you the thrill I feel each Sunday night when i check the AP sports poll to see that BYU is climbing (current at spot 11)
Back off world, I have know have super powers

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