Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Ironies of Life

So it turns out that life is full of things that you kept help but think, wait, what? This ever looming thought is usually at the fault of traditions that don't make sense...or people trying to make new ones, case in point:
  • midterms- this term is used to mean the mid semester or year evaluation of what has been learned. We now have multiple midterms, sometimes three or four. In fact when you get the syllabus that says midterm 3, it kinda makes you wonder. Also, fellow students like to say, "aw I have a midterm to study for" This could mean a) a test in a class. b) a quiz that sometimes is a frequent as biweekly. c) an assignment. But rarely is it ever used in reference to an actual midterm
  • family home evening- a time every week when families come together to learn and have fun together. This one is actually legit except for in a singles ward...when no one has family around
  • your wedding- suposesively the union between you and your lover and the celebrations there after. These celebrations are to be unique, personal and all the bride ever wanted as it only is suppose to happen once. Instead I get a combined wedding with my older sister, a mother and mother-in-law that will not budge on any of their ideas, a sister and a mother that are planning every detail without you, and every idea or wanted immeadiately discounted.

Oh the little things that drive you up a wall. Gonna quit my job and move to New York, 'Cause somebody told me that's where Dreamers should go... Listen up now honey, you're gonna be sorry, Can't get out from under a sky that is falling